In the year 2007, Mr. Ezzat Morsy established ET Logistics, as the shipping company for EL-Ezza Import, Export & Customs Clearance Company.

Rapidly, we extend our business worldwide, through a wide range of international agents, as registered on the EIFFA (Egyptian International Freight Forwarding Association), and the FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations), and applying for the IATA (International Air Transport Association), we got the opportunity to be part of the international most trusted freight forwarding associations, which allow us to deal only with trusted agents.

With a good connection with all the shipping lines represented in Egypt, professional staff, good agents all over the world, customs clearance experience more than 20 years, and our own trucks, we can easily and professionally handle any part in the logistics field, starting with export shipments, import shipments, inland and international trucking, air shipments, ocean shipments, and customs clearance procedures.
Our dream is to get an office in the important business cities in the world, and as we believe in making our dreams comes true, we are about to establish our office in Shenzhen, China, followed by our office in Dubai, UAE.

Simply we can say: you can trust us with your shipment