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Air Shipping

We have a wide air shipping for all parts over the whole world for general goods. Also we have the advantage of clearance on the import and export goods door-todoor

Sea Shipping

We are one of the fastest growing freight forwarding campanies in egypt for sea shipping such that we have vesseles general cargo for the red sea ports jada – sudan – el aqaba - artaria

Land Shipping

We have got the fastest international in and out transportation because we are a member of EIFFA, FIATA & IATA association and ours vast experience in transportation area and clearance in different land ports (ex: El Saloom- Safaga- Nowebaa...etc.)

Recent Services

Cargo Insurance
Cargo Insurance

The probability of sustaining a loss on goods in transit is greater than customers may think. For example, on average. A ship sinks every day.


Your cost would be only for the time and space your cargo occupies.
CIS provides customers with the Distribution Service.

Cargo Management
Cargo Management

Whether you’re moving a needle or Eiffel tower, ETlogistics always has the easiest, most reliable and most efficient way to move it.

Customs Brokerage
Customs Brokerage

Whether you’re shipping in or out of the country, our experience and technology will get your shipments cleared.